Development of Kolping Myanmar – a blessing for the people

After years of isolation a realistic assessment of the economic and social development in Myanmar is not easy. After the first free elections in 2015, Myanmar is facing an arduous and difficult political change process. Myanmar is still one of the most corrupt states in the world. Only a few years ago, about one quarter of the population lived in absolute poverty, in rural areas the portion is substantially higher. The education sector was neglected for decades. Specialists are urgently needed, not only for the economic opening and development of the country, but also for the democratization process. People suffer from ailing infrastructure, lack of education opportunities and insufficient health care. The military coup on February 1, 2021, with its dramatic consequences, also forced large parts of the population to leave their familiar villages and towns. They had to flee to other regions of the country.

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Kolping in Myanmar


The Kolping Association in Myanmar currently has 1000 members distributed to 60 Kolping Families. Apart from the development of the association the focus of Kolping Myanmar lies on the promotion of small measures generating income on Kolping Families’ level.


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Vocational training in Myanmar

The military coup in 2021 threw Myanmar into chaos: tens of thousands of people were displaced, schools had to close and the plans for the future of the young generation were abruptly interrupted.

Nevertheless, Kolping wants to give these young people a perspective for the future. In short-term training courses, young women and men can learn a profession in the healthcare sector. This helps everyone: themselves as well as the suffering population. The training to become a pharmaceutical assistant lasts two months, the training to become a nurse six months.

In the current politically unstable situation, the training is a great hope. Because education and knowledge are always a good investment – even in times of crisis.

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