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Hand-in-hand to a better society

The place where many Germans spend their holidays made regularly headlines in the past. Especially in the aftermath of the refugee crisis and the financial crisis, the Kolping Society of Italy continues to be very active in the field of family and world of work. Also, the high youth unemployment is a big burden for the Italian society.

Kolping in Italy


The National Association in South Tyrol was founded in the same year as in Germany, in 1928. 1.434 members are now organized in 14 Kolping Families. The members of the Kolping Families strengthen youth work and commit themselves for families, working people and socially disadvantaged persons.

Associational Work

Youth Work

Offering orientation to the youth

There are many reasons why young people sometimes do not know what to do in their life: Uncertainty and disappointments in school, a dysfunctional family life, difficulties in finding an apprenticeship. In 2011, Kolping South Tyrol had a compelling idea and initiated the campaign “apprentices’ partnerships”. Adults with work and life experience and heart guide young people on their way to the working world. They try to help pupils to organize themselves, to strengthen their self-consciousness and give them tips for job interviews. The long-term goal of the initiative is to support the youth in achieving a vocational qualification. And also the mentors are not left alone: They can exchange information with qualified and competent persons on a regular basis to receive advice in difficult situations and questions.

The mentors often trigger a change among the youths. A success for both sides!

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