A strong youth for a strong Kolping

Kosovo is one of most underdeveloped countries in the Western Balkans. In addition to a ramshackle educational system along with high unemployment does the health system suffer under its past. Around 50 % of the population lives below the poverty line, the main reasons being the effects of the war at the end of the 1990s. The outstanding active involvement by the young Kolping members who take action is remarkable.

Kolping in Kosovo


Since the youngest European state became independent in 2008, 351 members in 16 Kolping Families are actively involved. Since education is the future of the country and the population who on average is 26 years old, the Kolping Families receive specific support in the field of vocational and further training. Special emphasis is also placed on the improvement of the social standing of women.


Welfare Programs

Associational Work

Computers pave the way to a fair world of work

Corruption is a big problem in Kosovo. This is not only reflected in politics but also in the working world. Most sectors of service providers are also affected, apart from the IT sector. This is why Kolping Kosovo offers computer courses for youths in rooms especially equipped for this purpose. Young people thus get a perspective for a fairly paid job without corruption.

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