Strong Kolping team fights for improvements in society

Since the transformation took place in 1990 and Poland joined the EU in 2004, many positive developments can be observed in the country in addition to its economic growth. The country is also continuously evolving through direct investments from abroad and the expansion of the infrastructure.

Kolping in Poland


Since the National Association was founded on 16 November 1996, 1,238 members are organized in 39 Kolping Families.


Associational Work

Youth Work

Become self-employed, but how?

It is not always easy to find a job. This particularly applies to the groups that are considered difficult to place in Poland. These are especially single mothers without work experience or youths without school graduation.

Through further training, legal and psychological advice the National Association of Poland helps the affected people to (re)enter he job market. The measures to support start-ups are particularly successful. They already helped many participants to set up their own business.

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