For a peaceful coexistence

Since the introduction of the euro and the compliance with the debt ceiling, the highly industrialized Slovakia has again been experiencing a small economic boom. This also leads to a reduction of the unemployment rate. In Slovakia, Kolping mainly concentrates on strengthening the family coexistence.

Kolping in Slovakia


Shortly after the separation from Czechia the first National Kolping Association was founded in Slovakia in 1997. Today Kolping has 288 members in 18 Kolping Families who are mainly active in the field of family education.


Associational Work

Strengthening of families connects generations

What does modern education actually look like? In times of uncertainty, globalization and technical development, many parents do not have an answer to this question. And it is not always helpful to include the grandparents when dealing with this questions. Therefore, Kolping Slovakia offers its support. Through workshops, action days and trainings the common togetherness of families is strengthened and new ways for a successful parenthood are shown. Parents have the possibility to learn techniques for a work-life balance and to establish a stronger bond to their children. Also the generation of the grandparents plays an important role. Together they manage modern life as a family.

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