Moving towards integration: Kolping supports fringe groups

Ukraine suffers from the effects of the military conflicts in the East of the country. Nevertheless, the economy could successfully boost its plummeting economic growth which was also possible through foreign investments.

Kolping in Ukraine


The relatively young National Association of Ukraine was founded on 15 August 2015 and now has 600 active members in 26 Kolping Families. The projects in the field primarily focus on:

Welfare Programs

Associational Work

A chance for young families

Many young mothers are on their own in the Ukraine. Daily work life in badly paid jobs is hard. About 60% of the women counselled by Kolping often do not have their own flat. They live in municipal accommodations or with their relatives. Children often feel that their mothers are unable to cope with the situation. They are aggressive or very introverted and do not make friends. But how can single mothers help themselves? In the counselling center, young families and single mothers are counselled to cope better with the situation.

Through conversations they learn not to criticise their children that much, not to compare them with others that often, to talk with them about their feelings and to help them with their problems. The children can become calmer and express their anger verbally. A valuable opportunity for a peaceful coexistence!

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