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Colombia is a land of contrasts: On the one hand the country achieved a high level of education in the past, and has a democratic foundation. On the other hand, the country is plagued with drug crimes, corruption and armed conflicts. KOLPING INTERNATIONAL tries in various ways to counteract the problems locally.

Kolping in Colombia


The National Association in Colombia was founded on 24 September 1985 and has 359 members. They organize themselves in 19 Kolping Families which mainly provide support in the areas of education, social aid and promotion of small business.


Small Credits

Welfare Programs

Associational Work

Well balanced meals – happy children

The social centre “Centro Adolfo Kolping” is greatly successful. With its diverse range of offers it supports especially families and children in their daily lives. In addition to a community kitchen for children which makes sure that 450 children have at least one warm meal a day, it also provides extra tuition and help with homework for children of all ages almost free of cost. The centre is so successful that Kolping was commissioned by the Colombian government to build six further centres of this kind.


Learning – working – experiencing community: Kolping in Colombia


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