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Ecuador is a rapidly developing country, with a rich flora and fauna. The excellent bio-diversity and the mild climate are the foundation of a flourishing agriculture. Nonetheless, the country suffers from the consequences of the plummeting oil prices. Although Ecuador made an enormous progress in the field of education, especially girls are still affected by poor schooling.

Kolping in Ecuador


The National Association of Ecuador was founded on 4 July 1998 and currently has 1,472 members who are organized in 49 Kolping Families. They commit themselves primarily in the fields of education/training, youth work and job placement.


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The target right before the eyes

Jenny is a young adult who grew up in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. She does not come from a wealthy family but learnt early that she can achieve everything once she has a clear goal in mind. When she was a child, she already discovered her love of baking and she impressed her family with her baked bread puppets at a young age.

By coincidence, she heard about Kolping and registered for a training course in bakery and pastry. “At the end of my training I had a medal around my neck as an award for being the best graduate, although my colleagues had much better preconditions.

”We learnt from Kolping that it is never too late to learn. Hence my family and I opened up a bakery and pastry shop in our house. We had a few difficulties at the beginning, but when you have a clear goal in mind nothing can stop you.” She is doing well now and Jenny and her family can make a living on the earnings.

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