Despite corruption and bribe – the family remains in the focus

Violence and poverty and drug cartels – Mexico has been facing these problems for decades. More than half of the population is considered poor. It is true that the country is doing well in comparison to other countries in South America, but prosperity is distributed over a few wealthy ones. Many people in Mexico have to struggle for survival day after day.

Kolping in Mexico


Kolping Mexiko was founded in 1981 and has 84 Kolping Families with 3,066 members. The Association is very active and presented in different areas.


Rural Development

Small Credits

Associational Work

Successful as a start-up

Kolping supports small entrepreneurs, e.g. through “solidarity bazaars”: These markets where the participants can sell their goods take place every month, for example in Tuxtla Gutierrez / Chiapas. This strengthens the community and increases the public awareness of Kolping. In Mexico City, Kolping trains young people between 14 and 23 years in a training centre.

Karen Alvarez has made it: She has become self-employed by opening up a nail studio in Querétaro.  She learnt her craft and everything that a young business women has to know in courses which were conducted by Kolping (strategy, business plan, economical calculation, adverts, etc.) She has lots of clients and is proud of her success.


Kolping in Mexico


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