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Paraguay is one of the poorest countries in South America. In addition to a large public sector the country is characterized by its large agricultural sector and its considerable informal sector. The youth unemployment rate is 20 %. Therefore, combatting poverty is one of the main goals of the government.

Kolping in Paraguay


The National Association in Paraguay was founded on 5 March 2000. It has 250 members who are organized in 13 Kolping Families. Kolping Paraguay is engaged in the following areas:


Rural Development

Associational Work

Specialized on state-of-the-art technology

In today’s world nobody can do without a smartphone – not even in Paraguay. Kolping has taken advantage of this fact and runs evening lessons in the repair for this miracle technique. Victor Figueredo also attended that course, after he had managed to generate income in his district with technical support. In the evening course, he acquired the necessary skills which enabled him to open his own repair shop for smartphones.

“I can now explain my customers what’s the problem with their smartphones. They increasingly have confidence in my work and this gets around. My business is doing well since I have attended the course by Kolping. I am now way ahead of the others in my area. They even send me the smartphones for repair because it is too complicated for them.” The small entrepreneur now wants to expand his business. “I would like to train staff and open-up further repair shops. Before doing so, I will be attending an electronic course at Kolping so that I can better understand this technique.”

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