50 years – 50 voices

“I am proud to be part of 50 years’ journey of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL’s development cooperation. I have served as Managing Director of Uganda Kolping Society for 25 years as well as on various Boards and seen the Kolping seed hinged on the praxis of self-help grow and nurture people’s capabilities. KOLPING INTERNATIONAL, a worldwide Association, faces the global challenges of climatic changes, uneven population, deforestation, reduced physical interactions due to Information Technological advancement and poverty etc. These curtail our efforts to steer holistic development. In search for solutions to pressing social problems of our times, a sustainable Kolping membership imbued with the spirit of help for self-help and collective action based on solidarity is extremely vital. Today’s competitive economic environment requires NGOs to develop competitive structures for their members and invest in people’s development.”

Aloysius Mugasa Adyeri, MD Emeritus, KOLPING Uganda

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