50 years – 50 voices

“”Shared active love works miracles.“ KOLPING has developed from this firm belief. KOLPING INTERNATIONAL has achieved remarkable results in international development cooperation in the past fifty years. The dedicated work of Kolping members is a positive example for a faith that “bends down to the ground“, as blessed Adolph Kolping once said. Kolping understood how important it is that the church is a place where people are offered a home and a promising future.

I would like to thank all “Kolping Family“ members who consider Adolph Kolping their role model, who want to live their life according to his principles and who are prepared to accept responsibility for their fellow human beings and their environment. Apart from their social commitment and solidarity with the needy, the care for our “common home“ and the integrity of creation have increasingly become the focus in the past few years. This is totally in line with the ideas and principles of Adolph Kolping who was beatified almost thirty years ago. Ad multos annos!”

Cardinal Dr. Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna

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