Amazon Synod: Instrumentum Laboris to give a fresh impetus to the universal Church

It is a special assembly for the Amazon of the Synod of Bishops which is scheduled to meet in Rome. The venue of this event indicates that the topics that will be discussed by this synod are of vital importance for the universal Church.

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL anticipated as early as 2017 that Pope Francis would focus his attention on the special challenges of the Pan-Amazon region. At the International Convention in Lima in 2017, Mauricio López, General Secretary of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network Repam (Red Eclesial PanAmazónica) gave a presentation on the situation in the Amazon region and the impetus of the encyclical Laudato Si, giving delegates a spiritual message on how they can remain committed to the integrity of creation. The Amazon region reveals the problems of the entire planet in a concentrated form. Overexploitation of natural resources, the destruction of indigenous culture and a Church that does not reach out to the faithful with its sacraments – this is the bitter reality in some parts of our world. The “Instrumentum Laboris”, a document that will be further developed during the Synod takes an integral approach to ecology, underlining the individual value of cultures and of local populations.

In addition, the question of changing the access to the ordained ministry will be discussed in Rome. As the meeting of the International Board of Directors of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL will overlap with the Synod, the board members will also deal intensively with the Synod’s impact on the association.