Neighbourly solidarity

In Myanmar, a storm caused heavy wind and rainfall, destroying the houses of some members of St. Faustina Kolping Family in the archbishopric of Taunggyi. Kolping members collected donations for the storm victims and apart from providing them with food they did their best to comfort the victims and encouraged them to remain confident.  Many helpers realize that “it is important for people to know that they are not alone in such an emergency situation“. In addition, Kolping Myanmar is visiting all members of 50 Kolping Families to supply them with coronavirus parcels containing soap, masks, information material and food.

From Indonesia we received news that the number of people infected with Covid 19 is rising rapidly. “The situation is really alarming. People are forced to stay at home but would actually have to go out to work in order to survive”, writes Paulce Parera from the KOLPING national association in Weetebula.

In Sri Lanka KOLPING supports people by providing them with food and hygiene products. Many people are day labourers who have not earned any money for many weeks.