Bedtime stories for children

One year ago, on March 25, the head of the Kolping Educational Center in Oituz, Romania initiated a bedtime story programme for children during the first lockdown. Corneliu Bulai obviously did not know at the time that this would be the start for a big success story.

Every evening he uses the center’s channel on Facebook to read a bedtime story and every evening many children eagerly wait for it to start. The number of listeners is continuously growing and there are not only children who listen very closely to his stories. This also caught the attention of people in charge in the bishopric and the local radio station.

One year later, on March 19, 2021 the Catholic bishopric of Iasi is starting its own radio programme with the stories for children being an integral part. Corneliu Bulai can now read a bedtime story every evening at 7.30 p.m. This does not only please Corneliu who is a theologian, social worker, actor and father of a family and who has been working for KOLPING for many years. It is also an appreciation for the excellent work KOLPING Romania and the Social and Educational Center in Oituz is doing.