Health instead of profits

Passionate commitment of the Kolping members in Bolivia and strong partnerships with Kolping Switzerland and 
KOLPING INTERNATIONAL made it possible:  Today Kolping Bolivia is a recognized Catholic Association in the country and is held in high regard for its health services.  During his visit, KOLPING INTERNATIONAL’s General Secretary was able to see the commitment with which the local leaders do their jobs. 

“This goes far beyond sustainable project work”, says Demele.  “Here everyone is doing their very best to help the poor and to deliver top-notch work – paid staff as well as volunteers!”. Especially the Health Centres were impressive.  “The people who come to our centres do not have a steady job, but are day labourers and earn from day to day what they need to survive.  Most often they have many children.  They are people who are really poor.  We have designed our charges to be affordable to them“, explains Elizabeth Reyes.  She runs the health centre operated by Kolping Boliva.  It is located on the outskirts of El Alto, the suburb of the Bolivian metropolis of La Paz.  The people here are poor and the state is weak.  While there is public health care, the system is over-whelmed.

“In a state centre, one has to sign up, about three or four in the morning, to be able to be seen that day.  These people cannot go to a private clinic, because the consultation would cost the equivalent of 15 to 20 Euros.  At Kolping we charge the equivalent of 2 Euros.  That is the minimum of what we have to charge“, says Reyes.

Dedicated Kolping Families and facilities that help people resolutely – that is Kolping in Boliva.