Cameroon: Training – sowing – harvesting

Kolping members in Cameroon are looking forward to collecting a rich harvest. Last spring, 190 farmers and cattle breeders from five dioceses (Edéa, Batouri, Bafia, Bertoua und Obala) learned to produce their own compost.

Now they know that the right mixture of plant remains and cattle manure yields a great, inexpensive and high-quality organic fertilizer. The workshops were led by eight trainers including four employees of the Ministry of Agriculture. The goal was to increase the quantity and quality of the harvest which will help members generate a higher income. Eco-friendly methods are used not only to prevent soil degradation but also to help protect the environment. At the same time, new jobs are created because in future thirty young members will produce and sell the fertilizer.

Now everyone is eagerly waiting for the first harvest:  By the end of the year, cassava and maize will be harvested, next year cooking bananas and chili will be ripe.