Coronavirus pandemic

Adolph Kolping said: “Be of good courage and trust in God – this will save us from harm.“ The coronavirus pandemic is showing us very clearly that unfortunately life can also come with  nasty surprises, which we must now face and deal with in an open manner.

We are unfamiliar with the current situation, we feel restricted in our daily routine and this makes us uncertain and even anxious. I want to invite you to use this situation also to see the positive effects: Let us use this opportunity to immerse ourselves in the great mysteries of this world, let us see the beauty and the miracle of the Creation. Let us be grateful for the solidarity and the love we experience in our family and with our friends.  If we follow the advice of Jesus Christ and do not let our hearts be troubled, if we believe and if we remain confident and self-assured in our daily routine, we will have the chance to help shape the world and benefit from the great potential it offers. This includes the small worlds in ourselves and in our neighborhood and it includes the big, wide world God created for us. I promise to pray for all of you at the tomb of blessed Adolph Kolping.

Sincerely yours,

Msgr. Ottmar Dillenburg,

General Praeses