Desk officer Katharina Hager visits the Dominican Republic

Kolping organizations from Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic were able to meet on site again in Bonao for the first time in three years.  The CECAMEX conference was also attended by representatives of the diocesan association of Paderborn. Main topics included the effects of the pandemic as well as climate change and its consequences for Kolping associations and their work.

In addition, current developments in the fundraising market in Germany as well as common visions for the future of partnership work and encounters were discussed. The CECAMEX Forum as such and its further development in the near future were also reflected upon and discussed.

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL desk officer Katharina Hager was also on site and she reported on an intensive exchange of views and ideas and that the meeting was a success.

During her visit to the Dominican Republic, Katharina Hager had an intensive and personal discussion with the local Kolping team. She also had an opportunity to get to know the new managing director, Ms. Esmina Batista who has been in office since July this year. She succeeds Ana Yudy García, who passed away in December 2021 after a short, serious illness.

Katharina Hager also had a chance to visit Kolping Families and their projects on two days, where she learned among other things how pigs, chickens or cows are kept. Thanks to micro-credits granted by Kolping, Kolping members were given the opportunity to start a livestock farming business.

Other topics discussed again and again included the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Kolping work.

Katharina Hager also paid a visit to the Universidad Nacional Evangelica, which runs an experimental and demonstration centre on sustainable agriculture. Last year a lecturer from this university had already taught courses on sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry for Kolping Families.