Donation record: More than four million euros raised for people worldwide

Thanks to your help, to your donation and to the engagement of many volunteers KOLPING INTERNATIONAL raised some 4.27 million euros to be used for its project work! On behalf of thousands of Kolping members all over the world, we want to thank all of you for this great sign of solidarity.

It has helped thousands of people in Kolping Families to live a better life: Young people all over the world benefit from receiving vocational training and can be optimistic about their future. More than 1,000 families received a goat, chicken or a pig that help them to increase crop yields. Many micro-credits helped motivated people to start their own business and to contribute to the family income. About 100 single mothers in slum areas received practical help and a vocational training. In India 370 toilets were built, making it easier for people to live a healthier life. 110 families in slums were given a roof over their heads. In Ecuador, 50 families received seeds to get them started; in Kenya, people benefited from plant bags to grow about 15 kg of vegetables on very little space.

These are only a few examples to show how sustainable Kolping help is. This is help for self-help. Thanks to all of you who have made this possible!