Raising community spirit by going online

KOLPING Romania is very creative in facing up to the coronavirus crisis and goes online to stay in touch with its members:  Online pilgrimages and worships, bedtime stories for children and interviews for adults with interesting discussion partners at coffee time – these online services are very well received. It goes without saying that KOLPING Romania also supports the most vulnerable. Here is a report on the association’s work (in German).

In Albania, Kolping members used the International Children’s Day on June 1st to hand out gifts such as crayons, books, games for the summer and school supplies to the children of poor families.


Many Kolping Families in Germany express their solidarity by doing the grocery shopping for elderly members.  The Kolping Family Großentaft and other Kolping Families have taken other initiatives such as sending letters to retirement homes to cheer their residents. The Kolping diocesan association of Hildesheim set up a telephone hotline for people who feel lonely. And the Kolping Family Kronach is one of many other Kolping Families who handed out “care packages” to its members in May. They contain a little something to strengthen the body, mind and soul, such as some sweets, flower seeds, a candle and a prayer. One of our most loyal members called the board thanking them: “It is so good to know that you do not forget about us old folks”. Learn more about the initiative of the Kronach Kolping Family

The Kolping Family in Essen-Burgaltendorf motivated 120 people to participate in a city rally, an interactive scavenger hunt with 29 posts to play games, solve riddles, raising 500 euros in donations for the Kolping Corona Fund.