General Praeses Christoph Huber visits Tanzania

At the end of September, General Praeses Msgr. Christoph Huber travelled to Tanzania to gain an overview of the work of the Kolping Society of Tanzania as an association and of its project work.

In Rubya, the General Praeses met with Kolping members and with farmers in their fields and at the market where they sell their produce. The Ntojia Kolping Family demonstrated the different stages of cassava harvesting: First, the tubers are chopped into small pieces in a machine, then dried on a cloth before the pieces are then processed into flour. Kolping farmers have a good harvest, thanks also to their goats: “I am delighted to see how with little help, such as a goat, farmers can make their way through the crisis because they are independent of fertiliser manufacturers,” General Praeses Huber says, showing himself impressed.

Another step against the crisis is the high-quality, government-certified seed provided by Kolping to the farmers. Thanks to the seeds and the manure they produce themselves, the farmers can harvest double or even triple the amount.

„The team spirit that can be felt here is also key to the success of the projects“, Christoph Huber states. Like in all Kolping Families, there are strong women here also who adopt the Kolping spirit and practice help for self-help. How proud the women are of their Kolping work is shown by the T-shirt they present to the General Praeses as a gift: “Women are a strong power”, it says. And „Let’s join Kolping Tanzania.“