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Kolping Youth believes in the priceless value of cultural diversity

Over the past few months, one party with right-wing populist and sometimes campaigns that are hostile to foreigners have generated a lot of attention.  It calls itself “Alternative for Germany” and held its Federal Convention in Cologne in preparation of the September elections. 

“As a Catholic youth association with its seat in Cologne, we want to point out that Cologne is a liberal and cosmopolitan city, in which Fr. Kolping, the founder of our Association, set a sign for openness and solidarity already in the mid-19th century with his commitment to homeless journeymen.  These values are still fundamental to our commitment today.  With its statements against strangers, the AFD strongly contradict these basic principles,” explains Anna-Maria Högg, Federal leader of the Kolping Youth.

Manuel Hörmeyer, also a member of the Federal executive committee, added with a view at the program of the AFD’s for the upcoming election: “Up to now, the AFD – neither in its basic program nor through the various statements of its representatives, has given ground for the assumption that I will give its election program a cosmopolitan look.”  It is rather to be feared that it will continue to cement its radical positions where the Federal elections are concerned.

“We believe in the priceless value of cultural diversity and do not fear a creeping Islamization of our society,” explains Federal leader Peter Schrage concerning the AFD’s position of Islam in Germany.  “Sweeping condemnations of people are inappropriate and do not correspond to the Christian image of human beings.”

With reference to its guiding principles and the resolution concerning the AFD’s fundamental program, the Kolping Youth calls for “accepting each individual in his/her uniqueness, considering everybody with their potential and talents, and to regard every one as a creation of God.”