Help for people with special needs

In Ukraine, KOLPING is putting special emphasis on project-based social work. In Ivano-Frankivsk KOLPING opened a bakery that employs people with special needs: Since February two people with a disability started to get used to the daily routine at work and to earn their own money. The bakery produces 400 loaves of bread every day and delivers them to small local shops, bars and restaurants. It is being planned to open a café after the pandemic and to employ more people with special needs there.


KOLPING UKRAINE also manages a residential project for people with an intellectual disability, helping young adults to become self-reliant and independent. They learn to do their laundry, to cook and to clean, to write a shopping list, to do the grocery shopping and to work. They learn to understand and to express their needs and they also learn to understand others and to care for them. This is an important step for them to take towards living an independent and self-determined life.


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In addition, it is being planned to use funds from KOLPING INTERNATIONAL to set up an online platform for the staff of facilities for people with special needs to get in touch with experts and to discuss their questions with them.