Kolping Corona Fund: Seeds and a good harvest

Many families are starving because they have lost their work due to the lockdown. They often were not able to bring in the harvest because they were not allowed to leave their homes – and now these families do not have enough food. Under the Kolping Corona Fund, Kolping Families all over the world were provided with seeds that they can grow fruit and vegetables and that they no longer have to go hungry.

One of the beneficiaries is Gloria Mi Nge from Taunggyi in Myanmar. She received a credit which she used to buy seeds to grow peanuts, maize and garlic and she happily reports of a bountiful harvest:  “The plants are growing nicely and the fruit is of a good quality.” Other farmers were able to grow rice and grain and they used the grain to feed their animals.  “The financial support we received from the Kolping Corona Fund has been an enormous help for my family“, says Francisca from Pekhon. “Now I can also feed my chicken, ducks and pigs.“



This is how KOLPING is helping Kolping Families all over the world cope with the coronavirus crisis: To get an overview, please go to