KOLPING relies on sustainable agriculture

Biodiversity, i.e. the preservation of biological variety, ecological farming and animal welfare are to play an increasing role in KOLPING’s project work in the Dominican Republic. That is why KOLPING has offered its staff, executive managers and Kolping Families training in sustainable agriculture for some months. Farmers learn about alternatives to chemical pest control and the negative effects of toxic pesticides on plants. They grow products such as pineapples, bananas, coffee, oregano and the starchy yautia that resembles a potato and sell them on local markets.

Kolping members who have chicken, pigs and cows learn how they can improve animal husbandry by adding fewer hormones or antibiotics to the animal feed or doing without it completely.

The theoretical part is always followed by practical training to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The training courses are a major contribution to the protection of the environment and health. At the same time KOLPING Dominicana contributes to the preservation of creation.