Keeping chickens on a family farm (Talca-Chile)

Sandra Manríquez from the diocese of Talca in Chile was able to set up a small poultry farm with the help of KOLPING. She bought 30 chickens and began to market their eggs. She learned the necessary know-how for this at KOLPING, as well as everything she needed to know about keeping the animals in a manner appropriate to their species. Sandra produces in an environmentally conscious, non-industrial way, in natural harmony with the land and the people who live and work there. Today she owns 150 chickens that are healthy and lay good eggs. Their sale contributes to the family’s livelihood. “My Kolping Family knows my work,” Sandra says. “The members help me market the chicken eggs. Since I’ve been in the Kolping Family, it’s been a real school of life for me, where we’ve all been able to grow through various activities in the personal, family and community spheres.” #kolpingworks