KOLPING in Latin America: strong solidarity

“Food prices are rising, the situation is getting worse every day for our members“, reports Rufino Rodríguez, National Secretary of KOLPING Honduras.

Not only in Honduras but in all Latin American countries, the poor are those suffering most from the coronavirus crisis. Day laborers cannot go to work, millions of people are unemployed without having access to social security cover. This means for many families that they go hungry.

That is why KOLPING provides its members and other people in need with food parcels. In the Brazilian state of Tocantins, members of KOLPING Brazil are facing the dual challenge of food shortage and floods which implies that they must distribute food and use boats to access the flooded areas.

Dedicated help: You are not alone

Overworked and exhausted doctors and nursing staff keep fighting the virus in KOLPING’s medical centres in Bolivia and still take the time to express their solidarity in this video message. Students of Colegio Tecnico in Colombia are taught online by their teachers. Kolping staff are creative in staying connected with their Kolping Families by phone, by digital media, via videocalls or text messages – it is important to all of them to let their members know that they are not alone with their worries and anxieties.

Kolping Chile does without aid funds

The KOLPING Society of Chile has sent a special sign of solidarity by deciding not to apply for financial support under Kolping’s Corona Fund but to make its funds available to countries that are more vulnerable. All over the country, Kolping Families from the north to the south are sewing face masks to pass them on to homes for the elderly and to day laborers who still have an opportunity to wait for occasional jobs at special places.


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