KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Board of Directors’ meeting

KOLPING has been an international and a democratic association for many decades. That is why the International Board of Directors, which is the decision-making body at the international level and whose delegates represent all national associations that have more than 1,000 members, meets every other year.

Despite some difficult visa requirements to enter Europe, delegates from 30 countries were meeting near Cologne in October to discuss the current and future work of the international association. Apart from discussing the report of the International Executive Board and other major items, delegates put a special focus on the Amazon Synod that was being held in Rome at the same time.

The preparatory document drafted in Latin America is also inspiring for Kolping associations in Asia, Europe and Africa, that is for the universal church. After a guided tour of Cologne cathedral, delegates met at the tomb of Blessed Adolph Kolping to celebrate Holy Mass in the Minorite Church. For more detailed information, please visit