Kolping Day in a difficult environment

Neither the country as a whole nor the Church or civic society have an easy time in Myanmar, the former Burma.  In many regions, there are still violent conflicts.  However, there are also signs of hope – especially at Kolping. 

During a visit of Martin Rüber, desk officer of Kolping International, a Kolping Day of the dioceses Taunggyi, Pekhon und Loikaw took place, where plans for the future were worked out together.  Even the former Archbishop Rev. Mathias U Shwe insisted to participate and travelled from a remote jungle region to attend the meeting.  More than 40 delegates from around 20 Kolping Families were present at the meeting.  The deliberations covered further associational and project activities, as well as sustainable working structures for the various associational leadership levels.

It is particularly gratifying that, with Paul Saing, a dedicated Kolping member is represented in the country’s national parliament.  The former co-ordinator for the Kolping dioceses Loikaw (Kayah State), as well as Pekhon and Taunggyi (Shan State), is now co-leading the country’s fate until 2020.  This he does on the value basis of the Kolping Society.