Regional network CECAMEX: Conference and Honors

Regional network of Kolping meets in Mexico and says goodbye to Werner Sondermann

The Kolping Regional network CECAMEX (Central America, Caribbean, Mexico) meets from 11 to 14 February in Mexico City. Participants from Honduras, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica will draw a balance of their work and discuss challenges and goals for the future. General Secretary Markus Demele and the Desk Officer for Latin America Katharina Hager will accompany the meeting to which Kolping Mexico has sent the invitation.

Werner Sondermann from the Diocesan Association Paderborn will also attend the conference. He will be officially bid farewell on 12 February. Werner Sondermann was active in various functions at the Kolping Society, and from 1987 – 2013 he was Managing Director of the Kolping Organization for Training in Paderborn. For 20 years he has been actively involved in partnership work in Mexico, and for a decade he has also maintained active contacts in the CECAMEX region