Romania: Off and running

The current news from Romania is an excellent example for the diversity in Kolping. Challenges may differ in the various parts of the country but Kolping Families come up with a great diversity of ideas.

In the Banat, people in need were supported with food parcels. This was made possible thanks to the sale of self-made advent wreaths by the Millennium Temeswar Kolping Family and to donations from the diocesan association of Erfurt. In Rusca Montana, the Kolping House is being renovated. As soon as the work is completed, one of the first activities that will be run there will be a camp for children from low-income families. In Temeswar, the construction of a new building has been started. Next year, the Temeswar education center and residence for young apprentices is to be finished and it will be a flagship for civil society educational work in the region. In the regional association of Kolping Moldavia special activities are offered nearly every weekend for children from the villages to spend their leisure time and to receive an education. Kolping members cooperated in converting a flat to fit the needs of a female volunteer who is confined to a wheelchair. In addition, they raised funds to buy an electric scooter.

Romania has been in a difficult political situation for months. National politics has been marked by open corruption and the collapse of the government.  That is why any activities that seek to encourage people on the local and regional level are all the more important. There is a need for an active civil society and for the work of Kolping Families locally but also as a national association to avoid that even more Romanians are leaving their country.