Rwanda: Emergency assistance

Rwanda: Emergency assistance and sustainability due to goats and solar energy

Donations to Kolping’s Corona Fund helped many Kolping Families in Rwanda to get small domestic animals. Farmers increase crop yields by using the animals’ manure and they can sell them at a profit. Former teacher Prosper Baziruwiha from Kamembe has reared piglets for many years and he makes more money selling pigs than living on his teacher salary. He earns enough money to send his children to school and to pay the school fees. Meanwhile, Prosper earns so much money that he donated 13 piglets to poor families in his neighborhood.

Pélagie Mukashema was given a solar panel for her house at the end of December 2020. Now she collects sufficient energy which is beneficial to her entire environment: Her four children who go to secondary school and to university can now study also in the evening since they have now got electric light. And her neighbours can use the power source to charge their mobile phones.

Thanks to a large donation of a Kolping brother, the KOLPING vocational training centre in Muramba has now electricity 24 hours a day: 24 large solar panels ensure that there is always sufficient electric energy. The trainees are very happy because they no longer have to worry about a power breakdown and they can use their machinery and tools all the time.