Serbia: First international journey of the General Praeses  

General Praeses Christoph Huber set off for his first journey at the end of November. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of KOLPING Serbia’s national organisation, he and desk officer Gregor Federhen attended the national assembly which concluded with an anniversary celebration and a festive church service – it goes without saying that all pandemic regulations were observed.

Presentations were made of the large range of activities of the small but very active association: Projects range from the support of women in particular through training and further education, help with the integration of unemployed young people, providing assistance to elderly people in need of care, to beekeeping and intergenerational education.



The visitors from Cologne had the chance to visit Kolping Families in Sajan who earn a supplementary income by keeping bees and selling honey. In Novi Sad, KOLPING helps people in need of care who cannot afford commercial home care services. Through KOLPING, they receive help and care at affordable prices. Moreover, disadvantaged women, often the victims of violence, are also supported in this region to help them regain a foothold in life. “During my first trip as the new General Praeses, I was able to experience firsthand how strong our community is”, General Praeses Msgr. Christoph Huber underlined.


KOLPING in Serbia