Serbia: New vocational training center in Sajan

Kolping started its work in Serbia in the village of Sajan in 2001. Thanks to the support of Kolping Switzerland, a new vocational training center has now been opened there.  

“The center is to make the Sustainable Development Goals known and to enable women to start a business“, said Melinda Tomić, managing director of Kolping Serbia. “In addition, we want to train young people in sustainable agriculture because the large majority of the population in the region works in this area.“

The new center will play an important role in reaching the goal of strengthening the overall economic structure in the Banat region and in engaging as many people on a low income as possible. Kolping Serbia has worked towards that aim intensively in cooperation with KOLPING INTERNATIONAL and with the support of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development over many years. The commitment of Kolping Serbia is reaching out to more and more people: Not only in rural areas has Kolping become a synonym for dedicated work and high-quality education and training that is becoming attractive to more and more people to get involved, for example in the Kolping choir for women who helped to make the inauguration ceremony a festive event.