Serbia: training of beekeepers

In April, 18 young people started a training course for future beekeepers provided by KOLPING Serbia in Sajan. On the one hand, the association wants to fight the high youth unemployment rate, on the other hand it wants to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Young persons are taught by a professor from the agricultural university in a two-month course. Some lectures are given on site at the KOLPING educational center in Sajan, others are held online. The theory is then followed by practical exercises to give the young people an opportunity to put their acquired knowledge into practice. KOLPING Serbia has had ten years of experience with beekeeping projects and it is well connected with local beekeepers. The association wants to offer young people good job prospects since many of them want to leave the country because of the high unemployment rate.

Thanks to its climate, the Vojvodina region is an excellent place to produce honey and therefore offers great potential for beekeepers. The project is funded by the BMZ.