Switzerland: A glimpse into the future in the World Café

Even Kolping organizations that have existed for more than 150 years must pause every now and then to venture a glimpse into the future. Some Kolping sisters and Kolping brothers of 69 Swiss Kolping Families did just that by meeting in a World Café – a very suitable concept of collective discussion to create new ideas and develop them further.

The discussion focusing on the motto “The Gift of Time“ was based on a so-called action wheel. The outer wheel referred to the three principles of solidarity, commitment and internationality.  The inner wheel referred to seven fields of action: work in the Church, visiting services, neighborly help, human rights, transportation services, care and being part of an association. Many ideas were collected how these fields of action can be filled with life.

Kolping Switzerland has been active over many years on the international level. A large number of partnerships and generous donations have made hundreds of projects a success in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. In addition, Kolping Switzerland has been actively involved in the governing bodies of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL. Erich Reischmann is a member of the International Executive Board, Peter Jung is active on the International Finance Committee. Margrit Unternährer has been very committed in her work as the President of Kolping Europe for many years. Switzerland may be a politically neutral country – Kolping Switzerland, however, is a champion of the poor and disadvantaged worldwide.