Tanzania: Farmers produce their own seeds – with a quality seal

In Tanzania, Kolping farmers produce their own seeds at such a high quality that they are awarded an official seal. Cooperating with the Tanzania Official Seed Certification Institute (TOSCI), the farmers learn to produce their own seeds.

They get the technical knowledge and learn what it takes to qualify for a certification. As a result of their training by Kolping, these farmers had a chance to put their knowledge into practice over many years and they know which varieties such as cassava and sweet potatoes yield more crops.  Meanwhile, the farmers have reached a standard of skill and knowledge that is required to produce their own seeds. By selling these seeds to other farmers they generate an additional income. The quality of the seeds is tested by TOSC. With the institute’s certification, the farmers have no problem selling the seeds and yielding excellent crops at the same time.

There are plans to expand the product range and the farmers want to cultivate new crop varieties. And once again, Kolping cooperates closely with the TOSCI institute.