The Kolping Association makes itself fit for the future

Delegates from 43 countries have adopted a self-image paper for the worldwide social association


In Lima / Peru, delegates from 43 countries have adopted a self-image paper and a new international constitution for the worldwide social association. In future KOLPING INTERNATIONAL will strengthen its commitment for sustainable action and environmental protection.

From September 25 to 28, 2017 this year’s International Convention of the International Kolping Society took place in Lima / Peru. About 200 delegates from 42 countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia met for four days to discuss and adopt the future program of activities of the worldwide operating association.

The International Convention is the highest decision-making body of the catholic social association.

The completion of the association’s reform process that has already started in 2012 took center stage at the convention. Through a new self-image and the revision of the international constitution, the International Kolping Society has made itself fit for the future. To remain effective and attractive for members, the traditional association needs a modern face with new structures, forms of networking and ways of communication. The new international constitution strengthens e.g. the role of the laymen in the association. The spiritual leadership of a Kolping Family no longer exclusively reserved for a catholic priest. Also laymen (also women) can officially hold the office of praeses.

In future the association will face up to its ecologic responsibility more intensively. Sustainable action shall be consciously promoted in the 62 member countries and the worldwide project activities shall be even more holistic through a stronger consideration of ecologic aspects. Inspiration and impetus for this was the environmental encyclical “Laudato Si” of Pope Francis and the situation of the people in the Amazon region in Latin America.