The Ukraine

New Kolping Families and many activities

Kolping Ukraine can present not only many projects but also new members. 
One new Kolping Family was founded in Schargorod in the Vinnytsja Region and a second one in Novyj Rozdil in the Lemberg (Lviv) Region.  About 20 members are involved in each Kolping Family – and they are on average about 40 years of age.  According to the National Secretary Vasyl Savka, two further Kolping Families are about to be established.

The new Board, which was elected in August, now consists of representatives from all regions of the country.  They are pleased that many Kolping Families are working very well with and for people expelled from the Eastern Ukraine.  Nine small loans were granted for start-ups and are being repaid on schedule.  Five additional loans will soon be granted in Uzhgorod.

In other cities, the business start-up courses are now under way – ten more start-ups are in the offing.

In Iwano-Frankiwsk, Kolping opened a Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention this year.  There a memo was signed with the police, documenting agreement that violent offenders in the Kolping centre will be sent to an educational program against violence.