Ukraine: A diary of help

The war in Ukraine continues unabated – but so does the help and solidarity for the people who were forced to flee.

100 days of war – KOLPING Ukraine has helped 40,000 people so far and distributed 80 tons of material donations: “So far, 1,200 people have received shelter at KOLPING in different cities and facilities,” Vasyl Savka, head of KOLPING in Ukraine, sums up the help since February 24. Since the beginning of the war, 450 lunches have been cooked every day in the social kitchen. It is run by volunteers, and refugees also work here. So far, around 43,000 meals have been prepared.
“We have received over 80 tons of aid from our friends in Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary and have been able to help around 40,000 people,” Managing Director Vasyl Savka says. “In the coming weeks, even more refugees will join us as we create more shelter options. In Chernivtsi, KOLPING will convert a school building into a hostel with up to 80 beds. Thank you for your great help and your tireless commitment!”

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