Integration instead of isolation

With a higher gross domestic product per capita than Germany, Austria is said to be one of the wealthiest countries in the EU. The Republic’s economy flourishes. Not only the country but also the National Association have been cooperating with KOLPING INTERNATIONAL for a long time.

Kolping in Austria


The first Kolping Families in Austria were founded by Adolph Kolping personally in 1852. The National Association comprises 11,431 members in 60 Kolping Families. Kolping Austria belongs to the big social organizations of the country with currently 30 youth accommodation houses and 33 social institutions. Each year about 4,500 pupils, students and apprentices find accommodation and professional assistance in the Kolping Houses. In addition, institutions for people in different social emergency situations were created in the last decades: Youth in situations of crisis, women and children affected by violence, refugees, handicapped people, psychologically impaired persons, elderly people and people in need of care etc. More than 1,000 employed as well as numerous voluntary co-workers work in the houses and the social projects of the Kolping Society.

Welfare Programs

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Young vegetables

The garden project in the Kolping House Meidling carries out successful integration in practice: A wonderful roof garden is one of the great advantages of the re-opened Kolping House in Vienna Meidling, where students as well as families who have experienced migration find “a temporary home”.

In order to promote encounters of these two groups, the Kolping Youth initiated a garden project with the title “young vegetables”. Together with the inhabitants of the house and representatives of the Kolping Family Meidling, vegetables and fruits are planted in raised beds and pots.

Still some weeks – then all inhabitants can harvest their vegetables and herbs themselves!

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