Future founded on solidarity

The Caucasian dictatorship has ruined Romania heavily. Through international support, the Southeastern country now experiences an economic upswing again. However, it is still the second poorest EU member state.

Kolping in Romania


The National Association was officially launched in Romania in 1993. The 2.400 members in 77 kolping families focus on:


Welfare Programs

Associational Work

Youth Work

Wholeheartedly in catering

Since the Kolping Hotel which successfully combines guest operation and vocational training facilities, was opened in Brasov in the year 2006, more than 300 cooks and waiters have been trained in six-month retraining courses. The same number of apprentices of the most diverse occupations from the hotel and catering industry and from housekeeping completed an internship here. A new stage has now begun – Kolping Romania is engaged in the three-year dual training!

Due to a cooperation protocol between Kolping Romania and the Public School Maria Baiulescu, the Kolping Hotel in Brasov became a place of learning from the autumn of 2015 for 11 students. They undergo a three-year dual training in catering at this vocational training school.

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