From small to big: Kolping strengthens children and youth

Slovenia failed to rescue itself from the banking crisis but is now slowly recovering. The country attaches great importance on cultural and educational policy and therefore, the Kolping work for children and youth in the predominantly Catholic country is always welcome.

Kolping in Slovenia


The history of Kolping Slovenia started on 8 October 2000 when the National Association was founded. 1,029 members joined in 27 Families and ensure the lasting success story of Kolping in the country.


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Youth Work

Football gets Kolping life going

Experiencing community – this is one of the main purposes of all Kolping Families. But is it possible to experience togetherness also through playing against each other? Yes, namely by playing football. Every year, different Kolping teams compete against each other in a huge football tournament and get to know each other at the same time. This spectacle is so popular that also the parents have set up teams already and move ahead with a sound sporting spirit. As a result, the solidarity and connectedness among Kolping Families are growing.

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