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Switzerland is not a member of the EU but is situated in the heart of Europe. Since 1848 Switzerland is considered to be a federal estate. With its 8,2 million inhabitants it is not only one of the smallest countries in Europe. Due to its high per capita income Switzerland is also one of the wealthiest countries in the whole world.

Kolping in Switzerland


The National Association Switzerland was founded in 1868. The 10.000 members are working on an active cooperation in the community. Adventure weeks and family days are organized as well as trainings and cultural events where young and elderly people are active for the community.

The association is also very active on international level. Apart from Tanzania, Kolping Switzerland also has a partnership with the Kolping Society Bolivia and Romania.

Associational Work

Thinking, taking heart,acting

Pilgrimages are very popular! At Kolping it is possible to go on a pilgrimage in the heart of Europe for several years now. Kolping Switzerland offers a 4 km path of reflection that shall inspire to action and encourage reflection. It leads the hiker from the parish church Hochdorf to the Cloister Church of Baldegg into the Kolping prayer room, with stops at nine steles with biblical texts, quotations or statements by Adolph Kolping. Kolping’s thoughts and his actions are the basis for this path of reflection. It is an invitation to people of all generations who want to make a retreat through reflection or conversation with others – an invitation gladly accepted by people from all neighbouring countries.

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