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With 207 million inhabitants, Brazil is the most populous nation in all South America. Brazil is also the ninth largest economy in the world. But the disparity of wealth and regional differences pose substantial challenges for the country.

Kolping in Brazil


The National Association in Brazil was founded on 25 March 1973. It has 2.345 members in 164 Kolping Families who are widely spread. The activities of Kolping Brazil focus on education, social aid, and water.


Rural Development


Welfare Programs

Kolping care centre for children

Many children come from broken families. They tend to roam in the streets with friends whilst their predominantly single mothers are at work. In the Social Centre, Kolping tries to break up the daily life of these families. In addition to training opportunities for the parents, care is provided for the children during the day. A special focus is placed on sports and music:

“The project mainly helps families who have no possibilities to pay the fee of our sports teaching for their children. With sports and football, we try to get the kids off the street, and give them perspectives“, says Wilhier Douglas Borges, leader of the sport courses.

Cybelle Velloso also reports only good things: “Two of my sons are being trained at Kolping. I have lots of confidence in the work of Kolping and I do not worry about them whilst they are out there receiving training. I can only say thank you.“ At Kolping it is possible to experience community, and families can make experiences which can serve them well in their lives.

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