El Salvador

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El Salvador is the smallest and, at the same time, the most densely populated country of Central America. Located in a mountainous region, El Salvador only has few agricultural areas, hardly any resources and just a little industry; a large part of the goods required has to be imported. Moreover, El Salvador is characterised by an extremely high degree of interpersonal violence. At least, national policies and strategies for youth promotion and prevention of violence have been adopted in the recent years.

Kolping in El Salvador


The beginnings of Kolping El Salvador lie in Vancouver, Canada. From 2009, the Kolping Family Vancouver had affiliated numerous new members who originate from El Salvador. Then, due to their family relations to El Salvador, a Kolping Family and a Kolping youth group were created in the city of Jucuarán. The 20 members continue to develop themselves in information and training seminars. The driving force behind the activities is Father Herman Montoya.

Associational Work

On course with net, cocao and coffee 

Some years ago, an internet café was established in Jucuarán in cooperation with Kolping Vancouver. The whole equipment was collected thanks to donations. After the blessing through Archbishop Rodrigo Orlando Cabrera y Cuellar, coordinator Douglas Monjaras directly started to impart computer courses. He is making sure that the young people keep pace with the times.

The Kolping members in El Salvador also engage themselves in counselling in the field of coffee growing. For example, Kolping coordinated a meeting of future coffee growers and coffee farmers in the region of Jucuarán in which the participants learnt how to obtain an identity card for coffee producers, among other things. Furthermore, Kolping organised the delivery and sowing of 22,000 donated coffee plants in this region. Kolping also provides advice to a savings group of cocoa growers.

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