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Honduras, situated in the heart of America, is above all colourful. There are many challenges though which the country has to fight. Honduras mainly lives from the export of bananas, coffee and palm oil. But the distribution of incomes is very unbalanced. In addition, the low level of education is accompanied by a high unemployment rate resulting in a continuous emigration.  This is why combatting poverty has become one of the main goals of the current Government.

Kolping in Honduras


The National Association of Kolping Honduras was officially founded in the year 2017. Although the Association is quite young, it currently has 4,096 active members who are organized in 309 Kolping Families. The members are active in the following areas:


Rural Development

Small Credits

Associational Work

Best support of small farmers

The production of coffee is hard work and exhausting. This is mainly the case in the highlands of Honduras. The paths to the coffee plantations are long and dangerous. More often than not, the coffee farmers have to carry their heavy bags weighing up to 50 kgs up and down up to five times a day. Due to the large offer of coffee and lacking machinery, the intermediaries pay little money which does not provide fair payment for the hard work and hardly secures the livelihood of the coffee farmers.

The turning point happened when four brothers founded a Kolping Family. The members were all coffee farmers aiming to change their precarious working conditions. With a start-up support provided by Kolping they could buy some coffee plants and were trained by Kolping on the production process.

Hence, the brothers could produce higher quality coffee. Due to the knowledge acquired of coffee production they are now able to present a united front and speak with one voice to the intermediaries, and charge significantly higher prices. A pre-financing has ensured security of investment before the harvest. Ever more coffee farmers joined them. Today they can live well from the crop yields.


Kolping Tatico coffee – Yvonne Willicks visiting coffee farmers


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