Germany: Kolping against right-wing extremism

Kolping is not a political party, but Kolping wants the association’s values and principles to be an integral part of politics. The Self-Image paper of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL states that national associations shall call for policies committed to the common good and good governance.

National secretary Ulrich Vollmer spoke out on behalf of Kolping Germany when, for the first time since the Federal Republic of Germany was established, a Minister-president of a federal state was elected into office with the votes of members of the state parliament who belong to the Alternative for Germany (AfD), a far-right party.  He strongly feels that this election broke with the unwritten consensus between all democratic parties not to strive for any direct or indirect cooperation with the AfD. “Such a state government does not rest on a solid foundation – neither morally, nor politically”, Ulrich Vollmer underlined.

Kolping Germany has repeatedly spoken out against AfD representatives, their program and practices.