Brazil: Stocking seeds protects against hunger

In the drought-stricken states of Piauí and Ceará, Kolping Families maintain seeds storage facilities as a joint project. Large containers with seeds, mainly corn and beans, are stored in warehouses. When the eagerly awaited rain finally falls, the farmers can immediately start sowing thanks to the stocks.

The principle is simple: anyone who borrows seed must give back an extra two kilos. That way, the warehouses are always well stocked. Another advantage is that farmers no longer have to spend money on buying seed. Those who still need technical equipment can borrow it from the Kolping Family for a small fee.

In Piauí, Kolping set up four more seed warehouses last year, meanwhile there are seven seed houses used by 118 families. In Ceará, there are three storehouses for a total of 95 families.

The association will continue this sustainable project this year, with further seed warehouses being planned in Ceará, Piauí and Pernambuco.



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